It’s Your Patient Chart Data, isn’t it time your owned it?

Get Complete Control of Your Data Today and Total Data Independence Forever.
Medical Records Migration/ EHR Data Conversion

We extract/import data from/to any system and make EHR Replacement painless for you.

Medical Records Data Backup / Ransomware Protection

Your medical records backups are effortless, secure and ransomware-proof.

Medical Records / EHR Data Integration & EHR Implementation

Enter data anywhere. Once. We make it available everywhere you need it in real time across systems.

mArchive™ – EHR Legacy Data Archive

Affordable Archive Solution for the HIPAA Secure and legal storage of your legacy data, robust and integrable with any EHR.

What we do: MedaDoc moves data from every part of the source system to the right place in the target system at the exact right level of granularity.

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