Our core philosophy and value is that Electronic Medical Records belong to the patient, doctor or clinic - not the software vendor.

MedaDoc’s philosophy is to make the provider independent of  any vendor including us.

Don’t get us wrong, we want you to be our customer and let us continue to add value to your practice for a long time. We just want our customers to continue to do business with us - because they like our service - not because they feel they have no choice.


Our philosophy is simple:

Your data is yours. Your data is never locked up or controlled by any vendor - including us.

How do we do that?

When we extract your data from your existing EHR (and migrate to your new solution), we provide it to you in a vendor independent format that is all yours.

Yes…you heard that right. We are the first vendor that gives you your data first.

EHR vendors as well as other migration companies, at best, promise to give you your data only when you terminate your contract with them.

With Medadoc you have your data under your control. In addition to any extraction or migration that we do, we will give your EHR data to you in any publicly accessible file format you specify (eg. csv or xls).  Once you have that, we will then put the data directly into your new EHR as well as our fully searchable archive. But first - we make your data yours.