What We Do…

We are a New York and Florida-based Technology Company focused on the Transfer, Backup, and Integration of medical records and clinical and other data.

We work with the Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Insurance Industries leveraging our technology and knowledge to deliver data solutions that no-one else can. We employ Data Scientists, Legal Experts, and Security Technologists, and have an advisory board of prominent active physicians in various disciplines.

In essence, MedaDoc provides a set of Data products and services that enable Health Care Providers to reap the full intended benefits of their Electronic Information Technology systems.

MedaDoc does not replace existing systems. Instead, we enable the existing systems to deliver on the promises never kept when these systems were initially set up. Namely:

  • Reduced administrative costs

  • Reduced workload for Doctors

  • Increased time with patients, more attention to patient health

  • Increased revenue and reimbursements

  • Improved communication within and between Health Care providers

  • Accurate and Reliable: Clinical, Administrative and Billing information available at the right time to the right person at the right place.

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) instituted carrots and sticks to “encourage” Health Care Providers to adopt and use Electronic Health Care Systems. They intended that it would save time and money and increase the flow and availability of critical information. However, the exact opposite has happened.
Namely, health care providers from the (dwindling) solo-doctor practices to the larger medical groups and hospitals are using multiple systems in their day-to-day workflow.

It is for this reason that MedaDoc has developed technologies that can move and replicate data seamlessly from and to any EHR and Practice Management system — without needing access to the back end or database or server or even the need to talk to the IT department.