Dr. Steven Seidman,
Premier Women’s Health,
Long Island, NY

Thank God that the import has finally been done...I am very grateful that the data has been successfully transferred...the data transfer is very helpful and will save us countless time in not having to manually transfer the info...It is now 2 months later, and we will be finally able to set up our Athena charts without the chore of manual transcription. Why wasn't [the other vendor initially hired] able to do this at the beginning? What a horrible waste of time for us. It can take 2 hours each night to prepare the next day's charts. So if you calculate since 11/29, figuring 3 office days a week, each doctor has wasted 60 man-hours in charting [after the other vendor's conversion]. I wish that we had started with MedaDoc in November.

Jackie Clay Dubose, Executive Director
Free Medical Clinic
Oak Ridge, TN

MedaDoc helped [the] Free Medical Clinic transition from MDR to Athena.  Working with [the] ... the team at MedaDoc made the move less stressful and the level of communication they offered us throughout the process was phenomenal. I am confident that other clinics ... could benefit from their expertise ... MedaDoc handles all the logistics of the move - freeing clinic staff up to do what they do best, serve patients. Plus, MedaDoc communicated constantly with us throughout the entire process, so we never felt like we were out of the loop. They even went so far as to identify, label and assign all of our patient files to the individual charts - something that is unheard of with data migration companies.  I can't say enough good things about MedaDoc and hope that you will consider ways they can help other clinics.

Dr. Ralph Breslaw,
Boynton Beach, Florida

Thank you to MedaDoc for quickly extracting our Legacy Data from our Greenway EHR system. MedaDoc quickly provided a quote and plan and got the job done. Throughout the process, they provided constant status and were always available. They delivered even more than they promised by giving us access to all of our data on their online archive system, which they keep supporting long after the final payment.