MedaDoc Achieves Breakthrough in EHR Clinical Data Migration

MedaDoc CEO Ilya Aronovich adds, “our goal when migrating data is to make the provider independent of any software vendor -- including us -- by providing the full patient charts in 3 formats -- as discrete data in the new EHR, MedaDoc’s EHR Archive system as well as an offline software-independent archive.”


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The transfer of medical records between providers in the healthcare industry has always been a problematic process causing physicians to spend months and vital physician and staff time when switching EHRs. With the advent of today’s technology, we were able to create our proprietary technology to help providers move and integrate their patient records safely, seamlessly and pain-free, which was not possible just 5 years ago.


MedaDoc Launches mMJSuite™

MedaDoc Launches mMJSuite™, a Medical Marijuana Patient Management and Intake System Easily Integrated With Any EHR and Any State’s Medical Marijuana Registry.


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I prioritize things that fit into my long-term goals as a husband, father, community participant and CEO, sometimes at the expense of tasks that seem to be urgent, but that are not as important and can be placed for a while on the backburner or scheduled later. In terms of organizing my time, I schedule big important things first, and then fit in little important things and events in between.