MedaDoc’s EHR Migration Process

Initial assessment. MedaDoc meets with clients on what data they would like extracted from their current EHR vendor. The extraction does not to require the participation of the current EHR Vendor, instead, MedaDoc extracts the data independently. In certain instances, additional resources and work is required when there are no export paths from the current system. All of this is discussed and upon completion of the initial assessment a written estimate is delivered by MedaDoc containing all specifications and costs

Build/Execute extraction process. This takes place at MedaDoc’s team in South Florida where data is read from the current EHR system into MedaDoc’s servers that process and clean up the data. The data is screened for possible errors in translation as well as testing that all of the required parameters are exporting properly. The process is repeated as necessary, and when complete the extraction process is run.

MedaDoc Archiving: Once the data has been exported it is preserved in an archive for permanent backup and storage. The data is now safe and will be examined more thoroughly.

Assess Data, Select Destination: The data that has been backed up and securely stored is now cleaned up and is filtered for the new EHR Vendor system.

Match Data to New Platform: MedaDoc’s team adjusts the data so that the new Vendor platform imports all of the data properly. This is where data is matched to the new EHR Vendor’s database, preserving the data, and making sure it is easily accessible in the future.

Inserting Data into New Platform: After completing all tests and adjusting all data filters the data is imported to the new MHR platform.

Validation of Data: Following the import of data to the new system the client will review the imported data on the new platform. Following the client’s review, a sign-off approving the installation was a success.

Continued Support: After the data has been installed properly, MedaDoc will provide continuous status checks, data audits.

Completion: Once the system has been tested and the client has signed off on the last portion, MedaDoc delivers an external drive containing all of the clients backed up data. This data is locked and is a permanent backup of all of the data exported from the previous EHR vendor. The client will be able to access the data exported should they ever need to find it necessary.