Management Team

Ilya Aronovich, CEO

Prior to MedaDoc, Ilya spent 17 years leading successful data-centric technology companies. He has a JD from Fordham Law School, where he was Editor-in-Chief of the Fordham J. Corp & Fin. Law., and Clerked for Federal Judge Milton Pollak. Ilya’s wife is a New York-Based Physician, whose day-to-day struggles with EHR data was Ilya’s impetus to co-found MedaDoc.


Dov Davidovics, CTO

Dov is MedaDoc’s CTO and our Chief Data Scientist. With over 30 years experience using data to solve complex business and  technology problems, Dov successfully delivered “game changing” and award winning solutions across  mid-tier and Fortune 100 clients on Wall Street and elsewehere. His ability to think “out of the box” is paralleled by almost no one.


Martin Devon, VP Interoperability

Martin Devon is a true champion of execution. His focus is on overseeing our project delivery capabilities and ensuring customer satisfaction. Martin has over 25 years of leadership experience in the Entertainment, Manufacturing and Healthcare Fortune 500. He has been leading healthcare since 2009 when he helped bring the first Health Information Exchange to California.


Bre Jackson, Compliance & IT

Bre Jackson advises us on compliance issues as well as managing the delivery of large EHR and RCM services, With more than 25 years’ experience in the healthcare industry, Bre is a leading national authority on Health IT and has consulted for private practices, universities, and large healthcare organizations. She has served in information technology leadership roles in leading healthcare organizations, state-wide initiatives, and federal technical assistance programs, where she led the development of EHR related deployment services for the state of California.


Sahar Shayesteh, Sales & Marketing

Sahar helps MedaDoc devise its sales and marketing initiatives by building on her multiple years of experience in Sales, Marketing and Finance. She previously worked as the Sales and Marketing Manager for a prominent data aggregator of distressed asset information, where she successfully pioneered customer acquisition and retention strategies for a newly formed service. Sahar graduated from Queens College University in the fall of 2017 with a degree in Economics, serving on both Student Association and Business Administration boards.


Brandon Shapiro, Quality

Brandon has a background in Data Acquisition and QC Operations and most recently worked at a prominent data aggregator. Brandon graduated from Binghamton University in December 2016 with an economics degree, where he also played on the Binghamton Hockey team. Brandon is a New York-based volunteer firefighter and CPR instructor.

Medadoc Board of Advisors


Dr. Julia Aronovich, FACOG

Julia Aronovich, MD, is a partner obstetrician-gynecologist in private practice in New York.  She completed her residency at and is affiliated with North Shore University Hospital. She received her medical degree from Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and has been in private practice since 2005. She is a big proponent of data portability, and has for a long time been frustrated with the medical industry’s inability to easily, accurately and securely share data. She is positively hopeful that game changing solutions are around the corner led by MedaDoc.


Daniel Basov, Esq.

Daniel is an Intellectual Property attorney registered to practice before the USPTO, with significant experience in representing technology clients in all aspects of intellectual property-related matters, including litigation, appeals and inter party reexamination proceedings (IPRs), and prosecuting patent applications in a variety of technologies, including computer software and hardware systems, wireless technologies, electronics, medical, surgical and optical devices, business methods, mechanical devices and other technologies. He advises MedaDoc on IP and other legal matters.


Jairo Paredes

Jairo Paredes is a Technology Delivery Superstar, who for many years supervised operations at InterActive Corporation (IAC), most recently as IAC’s Manager of Infrastructure Operations. During that time he led large teams of operations and systems engineers to keep mission critical applications and operations running 24/7. Prior to IAC, Jairo was a senior member of a Datacenter Operations Team at PR Newswire. He advises MedaDoc on the efficient delivery and monitoring of its secure technology applications in the cloud.