MedaDoc serves small medical practices, large practice groups, ACOs, hospitals, and health systems who need to take possession, migrate or integrate their patients’ medical records. Whether you are just switching EHRs, adding physicians to a medical practice and need to archive legacy data for easy access, merging multiple EHR platforms, or simultaneously accessing multiple environments, MedaDoc will help you take control of your data in a way that substantially improves your workflow. MedaDoc can extract data from any EHR platform and make it available in your desired granulatity any other system, without you having to give up control of your patient data.

MedaDoc has helped many happy clients securely capture their data even in cases where there was no access to back-end systems. Once the data is captured, it is securely stored and turned over to the client even before completion of the migration. (See: EHR Data MigrationThe captured EHR data belongs to our clients and them alone. This give them total control and access to that data, without the need for any proprietary system or license.

Multiple Sources can be a challenge for most because each EHR platform is unique. In the case of medical records, missing or incorrect data could be the difference between life and death.  MedaDoc moves client EHR data from every part of the source system or systems to the right place (See: Quality of the Migrated Data) in the target system at the exact right level of granularity.

No matter the size of a client’s organization, whether you are a single doctor or a major hospital with satellite locations, and regardless of the extraction or migration we perform for you, your access to your EHR data will remain secure, correct, and accessible.


MedaDoc delivers throughout the process, a record of in the form of a spreadsheet, accounting for every piece of data, where it came from and where it went to. This information is provided while the process is ongoing and at the completion of the migration. If this sounds unusual, that is because most data conversion or migration companies can’t provide that information, which leaves one wondering how can you trust the data to be accountable or correct.

One Step Further:

Not only can we transform all kinds of records and data into searchable accessible data, but we can also provide data analysis on the captured data.