What we do…

We move data from every part of the source system to the right place in the target system at the exact right level of granularity.

How is that different from others who offer to export data?

Our competitors extract the data from the source system, aggregate it into large PDF files that clinicians then have to sift through to find the information they need. That translates into considerable extra chart prep for providers and less time with patients.

Using our Wall Street grade methodology and technology

  • We break PDFs down into real data

  • We map the source data to the target system at a granular level

  • We put the data where it belongs in the target system

  • We let doctors be doctors

Proven Results:

  • Our clients save 10 minutes per patient in chart prep

  • Physicians have all the clinical information they need at their fingertips

  • Physician practices have control of their own data
    They can leverage the information for revenue cycle management
    They control how it is used
    They are not at the mercy of their vendors

  • Large organizations
    Can integrate acquisitions quickly and cheaply
    Can leverage information across the enterprise

CLEAN Reliable Cutover

  • Compliant Processes

  • Secure Technology

  • Vetted Sources

  • Reportable Events

  • Multiple Scans and Verified Data

  • Auditable Progress Reports

When MedaDoc delivers to its customer data migration, in addition to delivering the data both in a normalized independent archive and in the new EHR, we include a master metadata spreadsheet that shows every chart, where the data came from and where it went. We provide this master metadata on a regular basis throughout the process and at the acceptance and completion sign off. It’s not surprising to hear that clients with experience with the migration process – were never given the option or access to this detail of data by any other vendor.

When MedaDoc has completed a client’s migration, there is no confusion as to how many charts were migrated, how many documents, how many encounters or what anomalies were discovered in the process. It’s all there helping avoid surprises and costly mistakes.

We apply our unique obsession for data in more ways than just data migration. We can extract data and values that you may already have but is not usable in its current configuration. We can take data that has already been migrated to the next level and make it available for data science and analytical processes. We are at our core Big Data, Data Scientists and can provide data analysis services on that exported data.