MedaDoc provides full Batch Extraction and Migration services. Our advanced technology allows us to transfer patient records seamlessly from any EMR/EHR and Practice Management system “in context” directly into the new EMR/EHR system.

We can do a full extraction and migration of the clinical data (see EHR Migration Process) — including clinical data (progress notes, correspondence, labs) and billing data.

What makes MedaDoc special is that we can move data even without access to the back end or database or server, and with or without the cooperation of the EHR vendor. In fact, other migration companies often call us to transfer the challenging data or records they can’t (see: Quality of Migrated Patient Records). Medical Practices, ACOs, and Hospitals call us to fix “industry-standard” conversions by EHR-recommended vendors where after the “industry standard” conversion, physicians and staff are forced to spend hours transcribing patient data from their legacy system by hand.

While you new EHR brings with it exceptional new features, having all of your data in context will not only improve your experience it will also save you time and money as well. With MedaDoc you will not need any third-party plug-ins to access your historical data, and you won’t have to pay for that short-coming by paying any monthly fees.

DON’T SETTLE! Have MedaDoc convert your data correctly from the get-go, so that you both, satisfy the legal record-keeping requirements, and have no impediments in your workflow by the above scenarios.

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