We can seamlessly back up your data in an ultra-secure and HIPAA compliant setting that is Ransomware-proof, and restore it to you when disaster strikes,

Where necessary, we can even backup and restore data that has already been affected by Ransomware.

For Access to Legacy Data, we integrate and populate clinical data into your new EHR, and import the full medical record into your EHR so you don’t have to depend on or bear the cost of third party legacy data access and storage like most other data moving companies do for their own financial benefit.

We do have an Archive Solution, mArchive™, for legal storage of your legacy data where it is prudent. mArchive™ (which can also integrate with EHRs) stores all imaginable data including documents, discrete data, and free-text notes, and runs on the same technology as our real-time backup. Therefore, whenever prudent, the data and documents in mArchive™ can be imported into any system.