You have to move off your outdated EMR system but you know that you can never afford to lose your priceless legacy data.

MedaDoc’s mArchive™ provides an affordable Archive Solution for the HIPAA Secure and legal storage of your legacy data. With mArchive™ you can rest assured that you have archived sufficient data to meet federal and state regulatory requirements, allowing you to have us converted your legacy data into your new EHR solution at your leisure.


mArchive™ employs MedaDoc’s patent-pending universal data model that accepts all type of categorized and uncategorized data. This is in addition to documents, typical discrete data, and free-text notes. MedaDoc uniquely extracts key patient information as data from legacy systems which ensures that medical records stored in mArchive™ are as robust as can be..

mArchive™ storage runs on the same technology as MedaDoc’s Real Time Backup. It stores patient records in its universal data model in a way that allows them to quickly re-populate or populate any given EHR system, Regardless of the EHR’s underlying data model. mArchive™ also serves as a staging environment for importing partial or complete patient records when converting from a legacy EHR to the New EHR.


mArchive™ has unparalleled security starting with the 4096 bit Encryption that it employs. It is hosted completely on US-Based Servers and uses full disk encryption not even accessible to the host provider. Any communications to and from mArchive™ are end-to-end encrypted.


mArchive™ is easily integrated with any EHR to provide in-context launch. This way when a healthcare provider is logged in to a patient chart in the EHR, using one click the provider can bring up all of that patient’s information in an mArchive™ window.