MedaDoc Achieves Breakthrough in EHR Clinical Data Migration


MedaDoc, a NY and FL-based technology company, makes healthcare interoperability a reality for medical practices, hospitals and other healthcare providers by seamlessly moving and integrating complete patient records between disparate EHR systems, all the while saving physical and medical staff countless hours of chart prep.

"While the medical technology conferences like HIMSS are replete with talk of interoperability," says MedaDoc CTO Dov Davidovics, "the industry standard EHR conversion still typically leaves doctors or medical support staff in the painful position of having to copy data." He continues that "doctors are spending their time manually typing and cutting and pasting," but that MedaDoc is eliminating that.”

MedaDoc CEO Ilya Aronovich adds, “our goal when migrating data is to make the provider independent of any software vendor -- including us -- by providing the full patient charts in 3 formats -- as discrete data in the new EHR, MedaDoc’s EHR Archive system as well as an offline software-independent archive.”

"Often, when healthcare providers switch EHRs, they are blindsided, and only a small portion of patient data is carried over in a conversion, while the bulk of it is placed in an archive or remains in the old system," says Arononvich. "Then the doctors or the staff are forced to do hours of nightly chart prep copying and inputting patient data from one system into another by hand," he continues.

"Many times, healthcare provides discover at the conversion Go Live date, that they must retain their legacy systems, and copy over legacy data by hand," adds Davidovics, “and this is a shame, given that the industry consistently touts interoperability as a reality.” he concludes.

In contrast MedaDoc offers the healthcare industry its revolutionary unique proprietary EHR Conversion solution, which has already implemented in many settings successfully. Unlike an industry standard conversion, MedaDoc moves the full clinical data that providers need in their workflow -- including all the medications, allergies, prior medical history, surgical and social history, progress notes, correspondence, labs and all documents -- from any legacy system directly in context to the new EHR where the provider needs it.

An internal MedaDoc case study documents how an OB-Gyn practice initially went with an industry standard conversion resulting in the physicians doing two hours of nightly chart prep post-conversion. They then hired MedaDoc to "fix" the conversion by extracting and moving the data that they needed in their daily patient care after which the need for copying data from the legacy system was obviated and the physicians returned to their pre-EHR conversion workflow routine.

“Healthcare providers and institutions looking to switch EHRs are encouraged to speak with MedaDoc at their earliest convenience about our revolutionary EHR conversion service,” Aronovich advises, “to avoid the pitfalls of an industry standard EHR conversion where needless chart prep very often becomes part of the new workflow.”

About MedaDoc 
MedaDoc in a NY and FL-based medical technology company focused on the successful and HIPAA-compliant migration and integration of EHR records using its proprietary technology.

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