A Physician Describes How We Helped a Practice

Below appears a redacted completely unsolicited comment from one of the physicians in a large OB/Gyn practice that we migrated medical records for after a botched “industry standard” conversion failed to bring over any of the data necessary for the physicians in their daily practice (except to the Conversion Vendor’s PDF archive they were not using), and forced them to do 1-2 hours a night of “chart prep” copying data from the Legacy system to their new EHR to make sure they had the correct info in the system for the next day’s appointments.

“Thank God that the import has finally been done. I’ve gone over several charts in Preview. …. I am very grateful that the data has been successfully transferred.. the data transfer is very helpful and will save us countless time in not having to manually transfer the info. . . . We went live on 11/29/17. It is now 2 months later, and we will be finally able to set up our new EHR charts without the chore of manual transcription. Why wasn’t [the previous vendor] able to do this at the beginning? What a horrible waste of time for us. It can take 2 hours each night to prepare the next day’s charts. So if you calculate since 11/29, figuring 3 office days a week, each doctor has wasted 60 man-hours in charting. I wish that we had started with Medadocs [sic] in November.”

We’re obviously thankful to receive such good reviews, but this comment actually expresses a real frustration that many physicians experience after “industry standard” conversions recommended by many EHR vendors. Most physicians don’t even realize how negatively their lives will be impacted until a week or so before Go Live with the new EHR Vendor.

If you are moving EHRs, take a preemptive measure, and hire MedaDoc at the beginning!