How a Doctor Uses 4 EHR and 2 Paper Systems Managing Data

We always say that Health Care Providers providers from the (dwindling) solo-doctor practices to the most significant groups and hospitals, use multiple systems in their day to day workflow, which makes them and their staff spend an inordinate

For example, one solo-doctor practice that we’ve worked with uses no less than four discrete and disparate electronic systems in addition to two paper-based systems.

To be specific, this doctor uses:

  1. An integrated Practice Management System / EHR system in his office

  2. EPIC at one hospital where he does both consults and procedures

  3. EPIC at a second hospital where he does consults and procedures

  4. A separate system that his outsourced billing company uses for reimbursements

  5. Intake forms, SuperBills are done on paper, and a paper filing system is used to keep copies of everything

Almost all doctors and their staffs routinely need to transfer information – both clinical and administrative between these systems. And that is before even tackling the question of how to get information. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

This is why MedaDoc’s EHR Data Integration Services are so important.